Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Electric Possible

The July 1st edition of Jeff Bagato's ongoing series presented three projects operating in free improv territory: Matt Weston/Tone Ghosting Duo, The Blue Prostitutes, and Brazen Robbers. The evening kicked off with Brazen Robbers, who started off on a promising note. A sudden burst of uncontrolled feedback early on seemed to knock the ensemble off kilter. They spent the rest of their set trying to regroup. At times they almost found their groove. They show promise but apparently this was their farewell show. Luckily they kept their set short.

Matt Weston and Tone Ghosting were next. Unlike their set from at 2006's Sonic Circuit Festival, this time they went through s series of short pieces, a format I think they handled quite well and at times it worked nicely. Towards the end it seemed Matt was sensing his muse wasn't smiling upon him, but Tone Ghosting, ever the trooper, wanted to forge on.

Blue Prostitutes on paper looked promising. Sam Lohman (36/Cash Slave Clique) on drums, Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear) on drums and stuff, J. Reeve on electronics, Jason LaFarge (bass), and Vinnie Paternostro (Temple of Bon Matin) on sax and effects. Having seen the lineup in other permutations I had high hopes...and they almost delivered this time. I think the sax was low in the mix, but when the levels were ok things started to launch. Not bad, but not awe inspiring. Methinks that the stuffy nature of the room that night restricted the the group from taking us into the stratosphere. Still some interesting planets were visited.

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